Checked ya pension pot lately?


Reserve Squad
DB for me, so no pot as such 😎
Not that it’s your fault, but DBs are economy killers and should all have been banned years ago with all schemes converted to money purchase schemes.

As the market crashes, the DB schemes assets no longer cover the expected liabilities of the scheme. This means the companies have to throw cash they could be investing to grow/recover their business into the DB scheme. This suppresses profits which hits the share price growth which makes the scheme assets not cover the expected liabilities and we go round the merry go round again.

Don’t get me wrong, offer me one and I’ll snatch your hand off, but they’re not right.
I am currently paid 2 pensions, one from British Coal and one from EDF energy, the last one only had a value of around £55k so based on the next to fuck all it would give me annually, I am in the process of drawing it down, first bite at it in the next few days and another chunk in April