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Checkatrade Final - Rail Engineering Works

Jelly Belly

On the off chance we do beat Bristol Rovers on Tuesday, just giving you the heads up that if you're planning on travelling via train, those of us in Manchester and the North west will be hit with Track Engineering works from Stafford up to Stockport. Replacement bus services are in place ........ just what you need!!

National Rail Enquiries - Future engineering work

Having re-read it, I think we may be okay actually. Trains are diverting through Crewe on to Stockport and Manchester..... ignore me
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Jelly Belly

A lot of interest in a branch bus, IF we get there
I'm already down there that weekend anyway mate, managed to get tickets for Doves on the Friday night. Don't want to jinx it though so will say nothing more until after Tuesday's game at Bristol ha!