Cheapest Nintendo switch?


Best price for a nintendo switch?
I'm not sure where is cheapest but be aware the Nintendo switch lite has just come out, it's 100 quid cheaper but you can't plug it into the TV. It's handheld only. Plays all the same games though.

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250 odd with one of the eBay codes that pop up weekly. I got a switch lite with Zelda for 189 last month off currys with one. For portable, and when I travel/work and stuff


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I just bought the switch with fifa 20 for 299 from Currys at Silverlink. Been keeping an eye on the price for a few weeks prior and this was best deal incl that game.


There'll be plenty on Facebook marketplace in perfect nick for about at least a ton less than new, I'd imagine.


Most of the time hand held was fine, that game looked lush on the big screen though
Can't be doing it me. I don't mind Mario bros or something simple but I need the big screen and a proper controller to play botw.

Our lass plays everything handheld even when no one's using the tv. I came in the other day and she was under the kitchen table playing Pokemon. Fuck nars why.... Should be making sandwiches obviously.
It's a great bit of kit. My kid loved it but hes grew out of it now. We still play mario kart now and then. Anyway, hes just gone 11. More pc and playstation fifa now


We got ours last year from nintendo store and it was best price. One of the buttons broke and they were great in getting it fixed


I'd be careful of the Lite as they seem to have a problem with analogue stick drift - means the camera or character will continuously move and there's nothing you can do about it as the controls are attached to the console. Would probably get an actual Switch if I was to choose.


If you buying a new full fat switch make sure its the latest model as they have better battery life when in portable mode. Love mine like never play it docked really but nice to have the option.