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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Nathan Gunn, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Mackem00

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    Canny lads there like. They've looked after my Honda from new (14 years and still going strong :cool:)

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    Agree that they will all meet a legal minimum standard but a cheap tyre won’t stop or grip like a premium one. Agree that the benefit of this varies, if you are on the motorway every day you derive a lot more benefit than if you never drive above 30mph.

    Obsessed with Burnetts you like Moo
  3. Stubbs ftm

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    Place just off wessy way behind the renault garage next to McDonald's are canny, as are foremost at suddick
  4. Falconhoof

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    I'm now getting adverts for truck tyres at the bottom of the page :lol:
  5. joemcdokes

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    Continentals are probably the poorest tyres from the branded makes for wear, that I've had.
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  6. Frijj

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    £280 is a bit steep mind. I paid £110 for two tyres last month, not shite ones either
  7. powburn red

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    Mags or MLFS..?
  8. Taffyduck

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    Ford Fiestas are front wheel drive so, put budgets on the back ( around £40 each) and good ones on the front ( £70 each) £ 200 to £250 should do it.
  9. ravydavygravy

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    It's the other way round strangely enough. Good tyres on the back.
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  10. Rizla

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    If you buy from Kwik Fit online and then book your slot they're as cheap as Black Circles. Got 4 x Dunlop Bluresponse Sport fitted for £60 each on a Golf.

    These tyres are top notch it has to be said and have come top on many tyre tests.
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    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    Agree conti aren’t good for wear
  12. anth

    anth Winger

    Do not do this. Try going round a wet corner and have the fronts grip more than the rears. Your going to 180 very quickly.

    I hate buying tyres, trying to get prices from local places over the phone is a nightmare. They’ll sell you a Dunlop or a pirelli, and completely ignore which model is it. Every manufacturer do a variety in varying wet/dry grip, wear rate, economy ect ect.

    What you should do is go to somewhere like black circles or my tyres and search for ones that suit your driving. If your driving round town then tyre noise and wear are probably lower in your list compared to grip to poor weather. If you doing loads of motorway cruising some that are quieter and give and extra mile or two mpg at the cost of some cornering grip (which you don’t do much of anyway) are more appealing.
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  13. Taffyduck

    Taffyduck Striker

    It's a Ford Fiesta mate not a Ferrari :lol:
  14. daveyc

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    Understeer is preferable to oversteer though, no matter what car you're in.
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  15. Sam Handwich

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    Aye, and not so hot if your just doing your daily commute then suddenly find you need to be in London in less time than it takes to drive there.
  16. Taffyduck

    Taffyduck Striker

    Exactly. Try and oversteer a front wheel drive car and come back to me ;)

    Even with bald rear tyres it's very difficult if you don't know how. If you do happen to do it ( mistakenly) you're on ice or a plain lunatic who shouldn't be driving.

    In which case it doesn't matter what fucking tyres are on the car.

    Front end grip is paramount on a front wheel drive car. 70% of braking is done on the front wheels as is the grip for cornering because the front wheels are pulling the car around the corner not pushing it like a rear wheel drive car.
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  17. Jack Wolforskin

    Jack Wolforskin Midfield

    I've just got shot of 300 + tyres.
  18. taipeisafc

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    Pirelli are Chinese owned now anyway, Chemchina bought them a couple of years ago.
  19. Chicken Kiev

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    Me pal out the gym, Tones Tyres in Plainsy Club car park, he will beat anyone.
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  20. anth

    anth Winger

    No, but the point is to have 4 tyres the same and wear them evenly. Tyres are your only contact patch with the road, you don’t want your loved ones in a car that has less grip than it needs.
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