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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Nathan Gunn, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Nathan Gunn

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    I'm looking to get get all 4 new tyres fitted in time for the winter (all of mine are quite badly worn). Where is the cheapest places people can recommend.

    Ford Fiesta. The ford garage quoted £280, this will be cheaper in smaller garages though.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Go on black circles, see how much they are fitted from there then go back to Ford and ask them to match the price.

    £280 doesn’t sound too bad depending on what you’re getting.
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  3. What A Waster

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  4. Dougal

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    Just had my MoT and Service done by Ford (I'm on a five year plan!). I needed two new tyres to get through the MoT and quoted £140. Checked with me mate and he said that was a canny good price for the type of tyre. Yeah, he could get cheaper, but they'd be re-treads and they can be dodgy if you're not getting them from a reliable supplier. Up to you to take the risk
  5. Harry Angstrom

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    Depends on the type of tyres. Cheapies are less but it's a false economy.
  6. Usually get what you pay for when it comes to tyres, avoid any of the budget brands if you want to slide off the road in bad conditions.
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  7. I shop around every time I need tyres and find there’s rarely much difference in price. Just google the ones you need at black circles then ring the place most convenient for you, they’ll probably price match. I use Foremost at Southwick and they’ve always been competitive.
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  8. OohBaldyBally

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    There’s a place down Hendon does part worns. The place is made up of freight containers. Top notch service and cheap as chips.

    Can’t remmeber the name though. Sorry
  9. ravydavygravy

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  10. Falconhoof

    Falconhoof Winger

    Gordon Burnetts next to the casino carpark.
    I've mentioned them before on these threads. Maybe I should ask for a discount next time :D

    Seriously though they are good for cheapies and the more premier brands.
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  11. Quick, and clever.:D
  12. heroesof73

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    This thread could go off with a bang
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  13. My Car had Continentals on when I bought it . I've continued with the Continentals apart from one set of Pirelli's . None of them seem to last very long considering the width (weight distribution) so I put mid price Chinese ones on last time. They seem no better or worse than the expensive European ones and were half the price .
  14. Goat Eyes

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    The speed they wear shouldn’t be what makes your decision you plonker.
  15. What should it be then ? The colour ? You toss pot . Obviously their performance is affected by how quickly they wear .
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  16. Baloo

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    Just got my MOT done there the other day. Excellent service as per.
  17. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    White walls are nice so colour could be a factor.

    You don’t choose a tyre based on how quickly it wears though. Performance of a tyre is many things including water displacement, grip in different conditions etc.
  18. Bishop Mackem

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    The op can drive?

    I thought you were about 12 TBF
  19. tooliohelmet

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    foremost in southwick will sort you out

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