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  1. Amnorrageordie

    Amnorrageordie Midfield

    Rip owld Charlie.
  2. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    Is that the Dad - the son died not long ago as well
  3. Amnorrageordie

    Amnorrageordie Midfield

    Aye the old fella who started the business.
  4. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    That's a shame.
  5. Pancho

    Pancho Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Tribute here.

    A veteran of the D Day landings.

    He was 19 at the time.
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  6. I had a holiday job there for a couple of summers in the early 90s. Really enjoyed my time there. The article says it was Charles' grandson (also Charles) who died earlier. Is Brian (Charles' son) still around and running the shop? He would be a good age himself now.
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  7. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    Closed the shop in Durham when they started to knock down the gates - didn't want to have the shop not ion a covered area. It was Charlie that died last year but didn't realise his dad was Brian
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  8. Ahh shame, they did me passport photo just before it closed down!

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