Changing prisons the way to stop re offending

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Muffin Man, Jul 8, 2019.

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    The figures quoted in the article sound incredible. If that is a realistic indication of the success it would have here then we should do it immediately.
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    Certainly part of the problem

    We should deport them to norway
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    And there you have it. To most folk that`s the case so re education and rehab is a waste of money as it`s not required, to the other 10 - 15 % it`s still a waste of time because it`s seen as no more than getting an extra hour or two out of your pad and brownie points towards parole with absolutely no intention of going straight once out

    No that was in a gulag for denouncing comrade Corbyn ;)
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    Absolutely correct just in the same way, that most businesses would never bring in a 4 day week even if the overwhelming evidence supported a significant increase in productivity and profits as a result.
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    Tommy Robinson deserves to go to prison.

    Amazing how many lock them up and throw away the key comments.

    Granted there are utter scummers in jail, who will never learn and will be a constant drain on the courts and prisons.

    If you've ever had a drunken punch up or sped in your car you have no grounds to say anything. You punch someone, they crack their head on pavement and die, you're going to jail. Someone steps out in front of you when you're doing 40 in a 30 you're going to jail.
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  7. I read a study a couple of years back that said around 50% of prisoners in the UK are functionally illiterate & only a tiny minority of them receive any education to improve on that.

    I can't imagine someone who can barely read or write & has a criminal record is going to have much success finding gainful employment once they are released so what else are they going to do to make ends meet but go back to crime?

    Surely at the very least we should be making sure that everyone leaving prison can read & write?
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  8. Pants

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    If only there was some way of doing this before they went to prison.
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  9. PTR

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    Well, let's write these people off at 22 then eh Fuck em, they had their chance

    60 more years of crimes and prison sounds like a plan to me.

    Fucks sake.
  10. SAFCOldie

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    Yep, it's because Muffin has compared Norway, who likely have a prison population the size of a large comprehensive school, little crime and little immigration. It's just not comparable in any way shape or form.
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  11. x ALiEN 8

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    Wouldn't mind going there for me holidays, looks lovely.
  12. Sir Lancelot

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    Or maybe that everyone leaving school can read & write? In other words act first to prevent crime rather than promote it by letting kids go uneducated.
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    Jesus some absolute shite spewed early on in this thread.

    Actual prisoners are coming out and describing jail as easy, like a holiday camp and no deterrent, full of drugs & gangs, staff have no power ... but no, liberals on here know differently :lol:
  14. Lewberry pie

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    Whilst West you're saying is probably true, although not really because these people will likely go back into their culture which lead to bring a criminal.

    It's just not fair that money should go to criminals rather than pensioners just because they will die soon and it's therefore dead money.
  15. si73

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    Hang all the nonces, nutters and murderers. Deport all the foreign prisoners. Build proper prisons to replace the Victorian ones. Put repeat offenders into hard core gaols with shit food, work regimes and horrendous conditions. First time offenders into rehab prisons with a sliding scale for seriousness of offences. Listen to the requests of victims more. Bring back the pillary and corporeal punishment for petty crimes.

    Piece of piss this prison reform.
  16. Frijj

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    Thought you were serious at first
  17. si73

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    I am.
  18. Frijj

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    Nah there’s no way anyone would come out with something that silly, I’m not falling for it :lol:
  19. Kent_Mackem

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    Nail on head. For me a big deterrent (but not the only one!) for NOT punching people or speeding is those exact possible consequences and ultimately a spell inside. I’d only ever smack somebody out of desperate self-defence for fear of them smacking their head on the pavement.

    Yet how many morons don’t (or can’t) even think that through? You see loads of punch-ups and speeding is rife.
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  20. Obviously for people who are still at school but that does nothing for the ones who've already left school

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