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  1. Stubbs ftm

    Stubbs ftm Winger

    Notice it's a free download now and theres updates available for the current season.

    Anyone tried successfully to download this and get it working?

    I keep getting issues

    Got it working with this years leagues and teams etc. Start date is 01/02 season though.
    This game was much more simple than the current footy managers.

    Just signed Alan Hutton for 120k and Toure for free as a player / coach
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  2. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Yeah, its been a free game for a long time. The updates and data updates work very well from their own site
    CM 01/02 Website

    Or at least, it did last time I tried about 5 years ago.

    Problem is, once you know the formation tricks, the game is ruined.
  3. carmo3773

    carmo3773 Midfield

    You mean the 2-2-3-1-2 formation? I remember Tommy Smith getting over 100 goals from CAM using that.
  4. PTR

    PTR Striker

    There's a whole thread about them. Originally it was called "Detonate", but then they tweaked it even further. People have done 1000's of seasons seeing which formation gets the most points.
    But basically, there's a massive exploit in the game engine - picking one of the cheat formations means you will win literally everything with NO real players (just the greyed out ones)

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