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  1. Richie K

    Richie K Winger

    Love him or hate him, credit where credits due, he is always the first on the scene when one of his team mates is in bother.

    Still love the Wycombe game when he spotted a few of their players were off down the tunnel to get George, and he ran to help him out.
  2. Stockton lad.

    Say no more.
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  3. Hardyman's Yugo

    Hardyman's Yugo Striker

    Had a good game last night, especially second half
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  4. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Power stepped up yday, returning fire with the Pompey fan :cool:
  5. Silkyces

    Silkyces Full Back

    Anyone see the footage after the match when puts an arm round Grant, what a guy.
  6. Daffy

    Daffy Striker

    Not a fan
    However he’s been top drawer with the lads
    Credit where it’s due
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  7. snarlz II

    snarlz II Midfield

    Hopefully won’t have to take a penalty, but first name on team sheet for me.
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  8. Daniels

    Daniels Striker

    Sod that, scorer of winning penalty.
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  9. TopCat

    TopCat Striker

    Hard as nails but has learned to laugh it off on the football pitch over the years. 10 years ago he would have jumped into the crowd windmilling
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  10. KGC83

    KGC83 Striker

    First name on teamsheet and rightly so
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  11. MackemMagic

    MackemMagic Winger

    Was first class that
  12. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    He’s a fucking legend

    The couple who dislike him are idiots
  13. danzini

    danzini Full Back

    Tell you what, bar the few patches here and there, he’s been f*cking class for us. Don’t get many players who would have stuck around here through what we’ve been through. What a guy.
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  14. stewart10

    stewart10 Winger


    Love him me.
  15. TravellingMackem

    TravellingMackem Full Back

    He is a club legend really. And it’s scandalous that Honeyman has the armband and not Catts.
  16. The Fitter

    The Fitter Winger

    If any fans did end up attacking Catts, Grant or Max they'd have lost, however hard or big they were.
    We actually do have 3 hard men in midfield.
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  17. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

  18. Richie K

    Richie K Winger

    No, is this anywhere?
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  19. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Just posted it in post above, but here you go

    Roker Report on Twitter
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  20. Kubicki26

    Kubicki26 Central Defender

    Spot on mate

    He’s absolute class cattermole

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