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  1. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    please just retire
  2. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle Boy Striker

  3. CrosbyFTM

    CrosbyFTM Midfield


    Absolutely shit.
  4. Randy Ostrich

    Randy Ostrich Striker

    Mags says he will if we pay him 8 million quid
  5. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Just a coincidence
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  6. McMackem

    McMackem Striker

    Few decent tackles, but mostly ball-watching and backing off. We can't afford any passengers.
  7. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

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  8. NorwegianWood

    NorwegianWood Central Defender

    Scared me today mr Ross. Sub Cattermole is horrible....
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  9. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    I hate him.
  10. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    Sick to fucking death of him.
  11. He’s a ****
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  12. SAFCMark

    SAFCMark Striker

    A player aged 30 who has spent all of his career playing premiership football should be standing out and a class above anything in league 1. To see how poor of a player he is and anonymous is one of the reasons we're in the mess we are.
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  13. Smartin

    Smartin Winger

    It’s disgusting people on here still defend him, comfortable until he came on. He was poor in the premier league, poor in the championship and guess what.... poor in league one,.

    Pound for pound the worst ever player in Sunderland’s history.

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    Must be a confidence thing at the moment like. Pace or no pace he can knock a ball around better than anyone in our team when he wants to.
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  15. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    I detest the fucker
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  16. Mackem60

    Mackem60 Full Back

    Perhaps it’s a case of we’re paying him such a lot of money so we may as well give him some game time.
  17. onkeldonald

    onkeldonald Winger

    Can’t fucking wait!
  18. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man Midfield

    Nowt against him but simply too slow and completely lacks any mobility in there.......Sorry like, simply no reason to play him unless we are down to the absolute bear bones and today we were not....He is rank.
  19. Ross must be questioned for playing that dumb fuck
  20. ontap

    ontap Striker

    haway man FFS he nowt wrong.
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