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Carpet cleaning costs

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Epping, May 13, 2013.

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  1. How much do you reckon

    to clean

    small hallway, flight of stairs 12/13 steps a landing 24 feet x 3 feet and a lounge 16 x 14

    i'm larndon prices... how much would you expect to pay for a job like that in your neck of the woods..

    just making sure i dont' get striped up
  2. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    A few hundred.
  3. Why not hire summat and get the slave to do it?
  4. get whole new carpet for that sort of price..

    looked at that and really can't be arsed and i know i'd do a shite job
  5. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    If you can carpet a room, a hallway, a landing and a staircase for a few hundred, I'd be impressed.
  6. Pop

    Pop Striker

    I think it is £35 all in to rent one for 24 hours, it's a piece of pi$$ to use but does take a while, I did a two bed flat in about 3 hours.
  7. not talkgn top gear here..

    you can easily do it for a few hundred.. hard wearing cheap shit for a rent out place...

    just got a bloke off rated people..

    £150 all in.. knocked him down from £170

    he has good reviews and seems a decent bloke who knew what he was talking about..

    I reckon i had quotes before for £100 ish but can't find them..

    reckons it'll take him 3-4 hours so way it goes...

    i think its bit over the odds but not mentally over
  8. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    "0 odd quid for a rug doctor from b and q and do it yourself you idle get;)
  9. time is money...

    anyway i did some tiling at the weekend at home.. i saved money there..

    and it came out a canny job...
  10. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Doing flat floors takes no time at all but I would imagine doing the stairs to a high standard would be difficult so hiring a pro is probably worth the extra cost.

    Shifting all of the furniture is the worst part of the job.
  11. fortunately its hallways, landing and stair in the most part so nowt to move.

    the lounge i'm not certain hom much crap but in the most part a sofa, a table and chairs and a cabinet...

    i need my house doing mainly stairs and bedroom but the though of shifting alll the beds, wardrobe etc and the crap underneath justs means it'll have to wait
  12. knarfw

    knarfw Striker

    Rent a machine and dot it yourself you lazy bugger. Will only take a couple of hours.
  13. bollocks..

    take me an hour to rent the machine.. fill out paperwork etc..

    have to return it.. so 2 hours gone before I evene start.. then £40-50 to rent it..

    then they flog you the shampoo stuff for a tenner

    or pay £150 get it all done professionally and he'll have all the extra stain sprays and stuff..

    no brainer..
  14. knarfw

    knarfw Striker

    £150 is a tad high but saying as you're in London it's probably about right. I estimate about 2 hours to do the work plus 1 hour shagging around, so 3 hours total.
  15. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    Wadnt be tile adhesive footprints your wanting cleaned by any chance? ;)
  16. yep.. so £30 and hour labout plus his travelling time and machine hire costs..

    i reckon he's stung me 30 - 40 notes over the odds.. but if he's hnest and does a decent job then whats a coupel fo quid...

    nah and i managed to get the adhesive off the wooden floor ok..

    I was surprised at what a good job I did.. only 16 tiles as a splashback on a downstairs bog sink but well impressed.. very neat and spaced well..

    given me the confdence to do soem more now..

    my new hobby.. trashing the house..
  17. knarfw

    knarfw Striker

    Are you having it steam cleaned or are they using an extractor?
  18. feck knows... no expert on these matters...
  19. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    he'll probably make £30 an hour less costs, pretty standard imo.
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