Carillion sells contracts.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by the boot, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. lord of light

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    set up by the labour party i assume - PFI? that is the real disaster for our public purse
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  2. Le Chuck

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    They wont have paid carillion any money. The contract is with siglion who carillion are a major shareholder. So is a bit different.
  3. gillythedilf

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    You heard it from me ,don’t know how far it’s true as an old gadgie told me about it but it sounds plausible .
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  4. To be fair mate one of my grandads was a time served joiner and in about 1985 he took us around the houses that were being built behind st Aidan’s church in Herrington. He was ripping the shite out of the standards of the work. I think that the 1980s has been notorious for quick builds of low quality.

    Then guess what year the house that we bought 5 year ago was built in? Yes 19 bloody 85.
  5. gillythedilf

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    The worst houses from that period are the Dutch bungalow type houses Wimpey etc were chucking up .Looked canny when new but are tatty as owt now.
    By today’s standards these kips that are full of one coat render are of the same ilk.Starting to look dirty and tatty already .
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  6. Yes there will also be problems with the buildings that are steel frame, insulation and plastic cladding.

    One of the new buildings where I work has multi coloured plastic cladding that has gone green on the north facing side, and the insulation is being replaced post Grenfell.
  7. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Render really is just a fad,it’s not cheaper really .It isn’t compatable with our damp cold climate hence it being full of mould
  8. Wilfy

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    The fatha of a lad I used to work with is a site manager for Wimpey and he reckons all their new builds have an expected lifespan of 30 years. Dunno how true that is.
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  9. mcq10

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    Well if you want to get political it was started by John Major.

    Then the Labour Party enthusiastically ran with it. No party is blameless
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  10. box2box

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    Major put his toe in the water; bliar to a bath
  11. The King of Um

    The King of Um Midfield

    Spent ten years living in one of the terraces in Thornhill, house was built in 1901, I think. Because of it's age there was a lot needed doing: wiring was dodgy, roof was going to need replacing, windows when we moved in were all drafty sashes starting to rot...but I loved that house. Everything was massive, solid. Despite being a terrace, you could hardly hear the neighbours ever. The floorboards were inches thick. The internal walls were solid, thick. Whack a nail in, it would hold up a picture. Yes, wiring and roof but the bones of the house were so strong.

    We moved to a nearly new house because our kids were little and it had a big garden, on a quiet estate where first my son and later my daughter could play out, and near a park. It did its job, but if I punched a wall here my fist would go through, if I punched a wall back in Beechwood I'd have shattered all the bones in my hand. Have to be careful how you hang anything off a wall in here. Everything's done cheap, everything's thin, not made to last.

    Miss the old place, high ceilings and clawfoot bath and stained glass window at the back and all that.
  12. gillythedilf

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    When I’ve looked through specifications of jobs I’ve done there is lifespans like that of 50years.Load of shite
  13. Wilfy

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    50 years is bad enough.
  14. The Exile

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    If they go bust the government should put it on a priority zero, then they only have to look at bailing them out and they have four weeks to fix it. Then someone will cancel the bailout three weeks later.
  15. Gingga

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    My lass works for these at 1 of the local schools, how concerned should she be?
  16. Boris Bear

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    It’s not true at was a family firm of Builders
  17. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    Surely they had to get the blokes from somewhere ?
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  18. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Perhaps some were but they were built over 12 years and most several years after the war. Mine was one of the older ones and was built in 1950. Bit tenuous to say they were soldiers imho
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  19. gillythedilf

    gillythedilf Striker

    I agree it is a bit tenuous ,how the conversation was struck up was i did an extension down there and noticed the house I was working on and the houses either side were a course out of level .Old fella in the trade told me a load of ex soliders work on that estate (and others) after the war.

    It’s highly possible asevery poor fucker of working age was an ex solider after the war.
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  20. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    I was in Dykelands and it was pretty solidly built but some of the ones off Dykelands in Deepdene and round that way were a bit rough

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