Carillion sells contracts.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by the boot, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Gala

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    I play PS4 when I work at home.
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  2. No7

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    That’s what Rob did when bought Laing’s. Now look at them. Humongous
  3. mcq10

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    Just under a million quid a year (for 30 years) my school pays Carillion for a shoddy building that is dropping to bits after 8 years.

    Costing the school that much in repayments another 14 staff are going to be made redundant this year.

    They’ve fleeced the tax payer for years and it’s going to continue. It’s fucking disgusting
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  4. HerdnMulhall

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    My memory/understanding/experience was that there was a seismic shift in the Construction industry when Harold Wilson brought in Selective Employment Tax.For those not old enough those not working in export led industries were taxed a premium.
    Overnight General Contractors shifted out their directly employed trades who all became subbies and /or when onto the lump. Same with the Direct Labour Organisations which were local councils works departments.
    The industries quality standards - training standards particularly-why have apprentices for a 5year apprenticeship in those circs plummeted.
    Thatcher of course was another but the Tories hated LA's who generally still had kept their own Architects department, QS's, M&E depts Clerk of Works etc. etc. Those were generally hived off to private consultants or just closed down. The emphasis thereby shifting from a stakeholder system to a profit based system. That's were the likes of Carillion has their genesis.
    In my career I worked for range of employers- directly employed by Clients, then Uni's and Local County Councils and finally Consultants ending up with Carillion.
    I couldn't believe the quality that was acceptable tbf towards the end of my career nor the horrendous service Clients received nor the lack of awareness of quality especially as the industry moved to having Graduates as managers who bright as they might be had little awareness of anything but their production targets..
    I could go on but |I'd probably best not.
  5. the boot

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    Think about it in football terms. A player earned £30,000 a week but spent £31,000. £52,000 a year in debt.
  6. mcq10

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    As a part one qualified architect I worked with them on a few builds. They are crooks.

    Charging Local authorities 40 quid for a 4 quid bin, clocks for walls costing a fiver charged at 60 quid.
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  7. the boot

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  8. HerdnMulhall

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    That and the quality that they were producing was why I got out as soon as I could taking early retirement.
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  9. the boot

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    Let's be honest anyone in the last 5 year to deal with these fuckers would
  10. Billy Fish

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    If it's dropping to bits they winter lying full whack they'll play the unavailability card.
    As an Architect how much over your actual hourly rate does your firm charge for your services.
  11. mcq10

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    I don’t work as an architect anymore.
  12. box2box

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    I think the point is a company with highest turnover could make a loss in which case it is worth less than

    It is entirely possible the majority of the contract was undersold (by errors in pricing/ or simply to win the revenue) resulting in a dubious behaviour of squeezing every last penny from additional chargeable works to stem the losses
  13. HerdnMulhall

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    The cynicism was unreal. Often the procurement documents and contracts were often negotiated with Clients who were basically naive so that the contracts appeared attractive to Clients but were so loaded that, as you say every last penny was squeezed, with a get in and get out as fast as possible ethos being the driver. I worked for them for just on a year.I tore my hair out metaphorically trying to get defects fixed whilst being told I had miniscule time to sort a defect list of hundreds of items and often no budgets to get things put right. And at that time I was a guy with 45 years of high end successful contracts behind me. I'd go in to the office and scream and just be met with blank incomprehension. And people wonder how stuff like Grenfell happened. Not a Carillion contract but that's the way the industry went. I'm so glad to have got out.
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  14. lurker

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    @Boris Bear

    They’ve left the town looking fucking worse.

    a big black box that looks like the architecture of that building near the galleries in Washington.

    Knocked down a few buildings in seaburn.

    Well done sunderland Council, Len could have done a better job.

    Wonder how many installments tbeyve paid carillion?

    I reckon with Work starting down the sea front they’ll be two instalments in, so half the money could have been paid and all they’ve done is take away the Pullman lodge.

    Bet they’ve done the same with that chapel Garth estate
  15. mcq10

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    In other words fraud.....
  16. lurker

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    An overly aggressive business model in a sector where you cannot take risks.

    Tesla and amazon have grown rapidly by taking risks and it seems someone at carillion wanted to do the same.

    Didn’t the company that built the SoL really cheaply go bust not long after?
  17. royaldragon

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    This happens where I work, so it probably isn't unusual.
  18. Billy Fish

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    That was more due to the Dutch being complete assholes
  19. Pete Bog

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    I worked for Carillion 10 years ago as a Contract Manager and I can honestly say they are the most uncaring company I have ever worked for. Workforce and customers mean nothing to them as long as they are creaming it in. Deserve all they get. Feel desperately sorry for employees if they go under. Won’t bother Carillon one it mind. Set of arseholes.
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    Extremely concerned about the outcome of the Vaux site if their situation continues to deteriorate. Hopefully given that the project is underway, another firm can buy out that contract.

    No doubt of course Sunderland Council will be unfairly copping the blame again :rolleyes:

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