Car tyres,I’m clueless....

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    It's Kent though. We can barely get above 50mph.
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    You wanna bring the vehicle up north for a spin.

    There's special bylaws up here which exempt Audis from the highway code.

    You can maraud up and down the A19 and A1 at whatever speed you like, tailgating amy vehicle you happen across.

    It's a blast.
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    True story that....m20 is slow I actually pick up rubber
  4. Careful switching tyre sizes because if you change the profile size to match the width and speed, you'll affect grip as the tyres will be thinner or wider etc ;) I did it for a Clio once as the cost of the same model Goodyear's was either £70 odd quid in the original size or £45 with the 1 cm wider tread and 5 less smaller profile. Here is the alternatives for yours but they only ones worth looking at would be 225's. If you go for wider tyres from 245+ then they'll be more expensive than the normal 235's I reckon.

    This website shows you the speedo alternatives - Tyre Size Calculator

    This suggests some alternative tyre sizes - Tyre size calculator » Tyre Size Converter »

    I use a combination of websites to get an idea of tyres but normally aim for at least B rating in wet and C in fuel economy and something no more than 70db. For most mid range cars, the Goodyear Efficientgrip and Dunlop Sports are class IMO but you can't get them in 19's. You can start here as this website gives an idea of reviews and then also gives a price comparison for most websites.

    245 35 19 Tyres reviews - Tyre Reviews

    There's these below on Black Circles for example that give more mileage but then you lose on fuel economy as they're rated E and also rated B for stopping in wet/braking. This can end up adding a lot more to fuel costs and basically cost you more than a more expensive tyre with better fuel economy.

    Welcome to the Help & Support Centre

    You can get an idea here where the ratings come from.

    Welcome to the Help & Support Centre
    National Tyres and Autocare - Complete Guide To Tyre Labelling

    Note the info from National tyres as it is on other websites the more you read into it.

    Fuel economy- The difference between each category means a reduction or increase in fuel consumption of 3-4%.
    Grip - The difference in each category can mean an extra one to two car lengths (3-6 metres) on the stopping distance.

    It's also about the way a driver treats the car of course and you won't make loads of huge savings trying to work out costs using the labelling but you can make some. This is why I go for B grip at most (A is a bonus) as I don't care if it costs a bit more, I want to stop in a shorter distance if I ever have to! I'm happy with a C rating fuel also

    You can also use a calculator like this just to see if it's worth saving money for a tyre given the extra fuel cost of it being cheaper tyre with high fuel economy rating for example.

    Tyre Fuel Efficiency Calculator

    You do also have road noise and just because it goes up 1 decibel it doesn't mean it's a fraction louder each time. Be wary of mid 70's decibel tyres as you'll get a lot of road noise in car so the radio will need to be louder to kill the constant drone when on a motorway. Those Michelin's above are 71 decibels which isn't too bad. However these are the ones I've go with (while writing this waffle) as they're with C Fuel, A Wet and 69db

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

    Works out £530 fitted (with £25 off code 4GY25) or £132.50 a tyre or (£118 each if you fit them yourself). They're may be others tyres out there, just depends how long you wanna faff about looking and comparing and what your budget is.

    If you're a bit more flush then the Michelin's below work out at £590 fitted with the code 4MICH40

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

    p.s. just PM me the pics of missus mate, recent ones (not the ones from before) given the amount of crap I've just posted :lol:
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    You dont have to change the wheels if you change the profile. Just means the Speedo will be slightly out.

    Have a like for effort.
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    You can tell the old fogies who frequent the A19 at 45mph causing trucks and buses to overtake leaving destruction in their wake and totally obvlious to it
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    It happens nationwide mate, You should try and get out more.
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    Corsa waited and then pulled out of Easington services northbound this afternoon at about 20mph, the slip road is so short there, anyway with nowhere to go I had to slam on the brakes to let her in. I drive an old Audi
  9. What kind of state is the steering wheel in?
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    I always go for the cheapest tyres and never had any problems. I was one of the few people who managed to drive to Consett in the snow last winter on them.
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    Fuck knars but I need to replace 2 racing slicks on my van. After trawling the net Kwik fit have come up the cheapest :eek:

    Ok it's like 10 pence a corner but still I could get a packet of jawbreakers with that. Pretty sweet ;)
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    Haha, yeh there's those too. Was one tootling along last night with a great tailback in their wake.

    The extremes are the problem. The 50 mph dawdlers on the same road as the 90 mph Audis.

    Anyone doing 70 to 80 is constantly forced to change lanes to navigate the extremes.

    It was an example of a road I use every day.

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    I often 'fly' up & down the A1 & A19 in a mobile crane, everyone seems so friendly, especially on a morning, I'm always getting people beep their horns & waving at me, considering I'm usually slowing the whole carriageway down & making people late for work!
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    Brand new

    Good god man, I’ll send her over in person for that.....cheers for that, appreciate it
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  16. It's best you read through this thread if you're sending her over ;)

    Steering Wheel Damage. Advice Please
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  18. What a thread

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