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Can an airliner manoeuvre itself without airport tugs?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Scimmy, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Its Him Again

    Its Him Again Striker

    My flight radar app always in use. An easyJet pilot told me they love landing here as always clear weather wise. Next time you fly over see if you can get a full view of the islands and take a picture

    Our group out here is growing rapidly .
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  2. The thrust to get one just to move is scary. They have massive screens at Heathrow at the area where they pull out of the culdesac. They can roll a car easily just to get moving so god knows what it would do to a jetty or pier.
  3. SYB_DC

    SYB_DC Winger

    The 380 would be the most interesting one, as it only has reversers on 2 of the 4 engines.
  4. Used to be.
    Most airliners can pull away with idle thrust on a smooth level surface, sometimes just on one engine. Don't get me wrong though, use of reverse thrust other than during landing does carry hazards and that's why it's very rarely used, or for that matter, permitted.

    Not from my base marra.
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  5. Love a good tug
  6. SYB_DC

    SYB_DC Winger

    I've heard that's the better base for the pilots. It's certainly the better one from the perspective of the cattle (me).
  7. Fully loaded?
  8. Yes, frequently! Many pilots will add a bit of thrust just to get going but in most cases it's not necessary, it just takes a bit longer to get up to a reasonable taxi speed.
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  9. lenshack

    lenshack Winger

    Doubt if the load makes such a huge difference.
    Surely it's all about minimum rolling resistance on a perfect surface.
    That's why you see these super strong fellas able to pull massive trucks for a short distance.
  10. And Lenshack nails it!
  11. Cowvahlo

    Cowvahlo Striker

    Predictive text mate...should have been stewardesseseseses.

    Have you seen the film Dorcel Airlines? Give it a google...it's how imagine all flights are for pilots and cabin crew...you lucky bastard.;)
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