Camino de Santiago - bike it


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Anyone cycled the Camino de Santiago?

You'd have to be nuts but I fancy a crack in he next couple of years.


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You been watching The trip?
Hi ... nope but I just googled it and watched the preview on Apple TV. Looks good ... might watch it.

I've known about the Comino for a while ... saw a documentary on it a few years back ... might have been Michael Palin but can't remember. Then there was series on TV where a bunch of celebrities did it (term used loosely).

It's on my bucket list anyway.

PS A Walk In The Woods is a decent flick based on BillBrysons book ... then theres In To The Wild ... but get some Kleenex if you watch with the missus.

No but I've done Sunderland to Hartlepool
Probably just as adventurous ... certainly more dangerous. Especially around Shotton.