Buying Valentine's stuff for...

I honestly thought it was just a couple's thing (and think it should be).

Reading the comments about getting kids presents and cards and cards/presents from them is all a bit strange in my opinion. As someone said, we already have mother's/father's Day, birthdays and Christmas for all that.

Valentine's is about romantic love and for couples (or those trying to woo someone!)

Edit: Although having just read Mad Cyril's post above that is kind of a nice thing to do... So I'll just get back on the fence.
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I genuinely looked back through the thread thinking it would be @Frijj. Now @Keawyeds is at it too? Imagine caring what others spend their hard earned cash on :lol:

I mean tbh if you mention on here you’re spending £6k on a watch you should expect a bit of grief.

I’m sure I got some the last time I mentioned I bought something designer...but not £6k designer


Have seen pictures of gifts people have bought for their children which seems odd to me. I've always thought it was a couples thing.
You do live in the wilds though Becs. I'm surprised they don't just all sign a circular card for the whole village/family. :lol:


Generally people are after a buck on Valentines Day 🤔
The buck stops here.^^
Why circular and not rectangular
They haven't invented corners yet.
roses are red
a car has a disptick
here's a new collar and lead
now let me suck your lipstick
Your food bowl is red
Your collar is brown
It's walkies in the woods
And I'll get me kegs down
Well people identify as man, woman, lesbian, gay, queer, intergender, transgender, bisexual, pansexual or asexual these days.

So canisexual (dog), felisexual (cat) or ovisexual (sheep) should be no surprise. :D
I bet it is for the hirsute recipient.
How did you get on m8?
He got 2 packets of Old Holborn and a ride in an ambulance.
I always send flowers to the Mother in Law, cos the Father in Law doesn't
Keeps me in the good books
You slimey bastard. :lol:
If I see any of the Africans I work with wandering around with a rose today, I accuse them of cultural appropriation.
Do you do the roses and make them stick to the sunglasses?
Halloween's not til October man!
That's it mate. You've peaked, walk away now.
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