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Buying bats off ebay

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by SAFC2403, May 17, 2017.

  1. WCC

    WCC Full Back

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  2. vat and import to pay I guess
  3. This certainly has something to do with it.

    Demand from India for English willow is treemendous (see what I did there?!) and has pushed the price up.

    Getting premium clefts is a lot more expensive too hence the big price of the premium grade bats
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  4. premium clefts :lol:

    There's almost an argument here for buying bats as investments
  5. I know what you're saying but you'd be amazed at the number of players (amateurs and pros) who insist on the equal spacing of or the number of grains on a blade.

    I feel like shouting at them sometimes.

    The best investment would be a few willow trees :lol:
  6. Canna see the fuss myself

    Mind I need it explained why kashmir willow is such a terrible option?

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  7. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    Most bats are made from trees around 25-30 years old. Most English willow bats come from one company js wrights. They have a replanting scheme so there is always a good selection of willow available.
  8. But something is forcing up demand and hence prices . The success of the IPL I guess
  9. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    It's to do with the climate. English willow grows on flood plains and our climate is so different to India. I think this results in Kashmir being more brittle.

    Majority of companies grow the willow here and ship it off to India to be shaped cheaper and sent back. I know that's what gray nicolls do now as only pro bats are hand made in uk.

    I think the trends have changed. Everyone wants straight grains with no blemishes and on a natural product that's hard to come by and I guess the bat makers charge a premium for it. That and the fact everything costs more these days.
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  10. Hilly

    Hilly Goalkeeper

    Bought a H4L Hellfire Pro off eBay last week for £190. Decent bargain considering brand new they're £395 and the bloke only used it for 2 net sessions!
  11. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    whats it like?

    I'm really torn as to what to get - was quite liking the B3 bats then looked at H4L and then also had a look at the aldred ones - also still a Gray nicolls fan as well!!
  12. I need a bat as well!! Eddy will be sick of me trying his out. I quite like his salix I used last night.
  13. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    what about my dynadrive you picked up the other night - you can have a tap with that and see how you like it. Needs a clean up, some oil and a new scuff sheet but hasnt had a great deal of use!
  14. The middle will be brand new and the edges already knocked in. Yes I'll give it a go paul
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  15. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    loads of marks on the edges!!
  16. Hilly

    Hilly Goalkeeper

    I haven't had chance to use it yet - but if it's anything like my H4L Grade 1, it'll be an absolute gun.
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  17. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Full Back

    I bought a Sunridge for 1p off eBay a few years ago. £30 P&P mind! Still does a job though for my lower order possing about. I can't comment on its hitting ability as everything goes square of the wicket in my world!
  18. Superchamps

    Superchamps Full Back

  19. SAFC2403

    SAFC2403 Winger

    I've heard of them. I'm on a cricket forum and they have lots of bespoke bat makers on there.

    B3 or Aldred for me I reckon. Both around £150-170 mark.

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