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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lewberry pie, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Lewberry pie

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    Been looking at a new build home but the builder is insisting that I complete within 2 months or lose my deposit, which I've just refused to do, something to do with their sales figures, my house is sold but the people moving into mine haven't sole there's so the builder is saying if I put down a deposit I have to either complete regardless or lose any deposit I've out down, surely they have to give a grace period from deposit to completion??
  2. Sir Lancelot

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    Just tell them that there are thousands of new build houses being built at the moment, including ones exactly like the one that you are interested in. If they want you to complete and you are not ready then just say no and walk away. The house is still there unless someone else is waiting to buy it and if they are why haven’t they put down a deposit on it?
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  3. Neb_Safc

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    They can demand that if they want, it’s their house and someone could be around to buy it after than you.

    You don’t have a complete chain, so even if you bought a house from another seller, the estate agent wouldn’t let you progress regardsless until you did.
  4. Mantobar

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    Get a survey done after to make sure everything as it should be re new hone builds
    Even down to the slope of the garden
  5. I wouldn't go along with that. It's hard enough getting all faults/snagging done before you move in on some sites. If the builder is lashing houses out to satisfy sales figures, they will be even less inclined to remedy any faults to your satisfaction.

    I've seen some shockingly shit jobs passed, that when you see them, you're looking round for "game for a laugh"cameras.
  6. Thackeray

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    If they wanted to retain the right to cancel the contract if completion is not achieved and return several thousand or tens of thousands of pounds belonging to me that's one thing, but if they think they would get to retain my money if they cancel the contract for doing the square root of fuck all then they can fuck right off and I hope they go bust sooner rather than later.

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  7. When I first moved up this way I christened the house with the saleswoman.
    Tested the carpets :)
    I was still trying to sell mine and it eventually went but the one I bought was the last one to go through as the final sale. Still remember she was from Luxembourg.
    Look in the T&C’s. One thing for sure it’s likely to be down to the sales figures and cash flow targets. Markets have slowed down a little thus no doubt chasing money.
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  8. CraigyLee

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  9. Mackem00

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    How much deposit did you pay? This would probably sway my decision.
  10. Brian Griffin

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    Just go along with it mate.

    Nailed on they will be late.

    Then you’ll have a nightmare with snagging.

    As stated above, get a survey done.

    It’ll all take time.

    Wouldn’t rock the boat yet.

    Just commit to complete when the house is ready to be handed over.
  11. eshermackem

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    did you leave a deposit?
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  12. Lewberry pie

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    Pics or it never happened.

    I just can't take the risk like, I'm wanting a few extras and could potentially lose a few quid if it goes tits up, I'll just have to wait and see if someone else picks it up.

    There's always other houses, I might buy the kip next door to @oROSSo
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  13. oROSSo

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    House price would plummet
  14. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    Just cause I leave me horse on the driveway....

    Still seems a bit mean, if I made a deposit I'd expect a reasonable amount of time to have to complete, I've known houses with no chain take 4 months to complete.
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  15. Pop

    Pop Striker

    Mine was no chain and it only completed in 11 weeks because Taylor Wimpey paid my solicitors to expedite everything. We had an offer accepted second week in may and expected it to complete by 1st June, idiots.

    We weren’t buying the new build thankfully.
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  16. My Mrs christened ours with the builders, plumbers and plasterers.
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  17. WASTID

    WASTID Striker

    Just as well you didn't pull out at the last minute to leave the sales lass disappointed.
  18. Mickdundee

    Mickdundee Central Defender

    They will be bluffing.

    If a sale falls through (especially after you have chosen things like kitchen, bathroom etc) then the price drops and they add all kinds of incentives to get rid of it, especially if they are nearly ready to release the next phase. The house we bought had fallen through twice we believe (although Taylor Wimpey only told us it had fallen through once) and I reckon we could have pushed it more - they accepted everything we wanted, gave us what we asked for in part-ex for the old house, accepted all of our solicitors changes to the contract etc
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  19. smanty

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    Self build your own house!
  20. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    Might take me a while.
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