Bury to be given extra 48hrs

He transferred the ground into a new company controlled solely by himself. At the moment the football club is only subject to a CVA - there are no administrators or liquidators in place. If only the football club enters admin or liquidation, he still gets the ground.

Bassini is the only thing holding that up. It could complete tomorrow if he stopped playing silly buggers.
So he might be purposefully letting the club fold so that he can gain control of the land which the ground is on?


if he wants £5m and the debts to football creditrs are £4.7m or someing, and then the taxman has to be paid..he is wanting someone to value bury fc at well over £10m,..and thats not likely..
Just what I read mate apparently there was an owner who the EFL was excited about taking it over at the beginning of the week but Dale said he wanted £5million for a club he got for £1 ridiculous like


The owner is asking for donations now to ‘save the club’.
Funny how he didn’t bother with this when there is a chance 2 million could have been raised by donations


If this is actually the case then he wants to burn in hell, evil kernt.
Did you know that he actually tried to buy Widnes Rugby League team but pulled out when he realised they didn’t own their ground.
It’s like he has been planning this out for years!
How much has he invested since though? Did he absorb any debt?
He stopped funding them one month after purchase. So I would suggest very little.


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I think its time the EFL gave Bolton a good kick up the arse.
They know more about the current situation than you do though.

Bolton are just as badly screwed as Bury.
Currently there is no credible bid to buy them - and even more worryingly they are in administration, so you cant even use the excuse of an awkward owner.
There are ongoing bids for both the club and the hotel.

Why is it 'even more worrying' that we're in administration?

Someone is actively running the club and people are actually being paid.
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I was going to say the fans need to get the ground registered as an asset of community value, but it seems that was done in June this year.