Bumping into SMBers


Totally agree about Garydon.
He's a cracking lad.
I met him in Dublin some years ago, and we've been mates ever since.
He was with his mates, and I was over with my mates, and agreed to meet up for a few pints in Dublin.
A few turned into way too many, but it was a cracking night.

I was at a match, in the black cats bar with Garydon, his dad and his brother.
His dad was just like Garydon - easy going & great company.
He was just one of the lads, he enjoyed a chat, a laugh, and a beer or six.
A larger than life character, he'll be very much missed by all who knew him.
Him and Daddyo my favourite old posters.


I honestly can't remember but knowing my reflexes I'm thinking he touched my breasts, I might be wrong though

I'm reliably told I hit him
Are the words "without permission" missing here? Or can anybody expect a surprise Black Widow type punch even if they're past First Base? :)