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Discussion in 'SMB' started by box2box, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. KingOfSeaburn

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    Ridiculous isn’t it

    Yeah you can keep it, they ask you to send it back and plusnet will send you another but the strength is terrible in my house.

    I got a £75 gift card from plusnet on switch so just bought a decent router on amazon and am getting 60mb upstairs when I would struggle to get any before
  2. Pedrovansank

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    £20ish with Now Tv
  3. Gaz

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    Sky are a pain in the arse as their routers are different to most other providers.

    I’ve used different routers with bt / plusnet and a couple of others without problems. Just a case of changing logon details and an odd setting on router
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  4. AndrewP

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    Wow the VF router must be bad if it's worse than Sky's! You'd be better off using the VF router in modem only mode and connect a cheapo router with external antennas I reckon.
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  5. PTR

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    Not true.

    The Plusnet one might be white, but it is a re-badged Homehub5. Its exactly the same. And fine - much better than the cheapo ones that most ISPs have used over the years.
  6. Sleepy

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    Changed tho a while back now, they dont offer the smart hub and smart hub 2 with discs do they?
  7. Zidane

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    I recently changed from BT to Sky and the Sky router is weak as piss compared to BT's.

    It's supposed to be the new better one. Can't imagine what the old design was like. Must have been smoke signals.
  8. PTR

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    UPD2 Plusnet Launch New HUB ONE "Fibre" Router and Self-Install FTTC - ISPreview UK
    "although from what we’ve been told the Hub One appears to just be a re-branded HomeHub 5A device from BT"

    iirc, the Smart Hub was the HomeHub6?

    I had a HH6, and then went to PN, and got a white HH5. They're performing about the same.
    But no, I didn't get any "discs", whatever they are (wifi extenders I guess?)

    I do recall people asking for their HH5's back after being "upgraded" to the Smarthub though... Can't remember why.

    I did buy an extender though, as the router is flush against a brick wall, and the ceiling has a wire mesh in it (electric ceiling heating if you can believe such a thing!). And its all fine.

    Neither of the bastards do SMBv3 though. 2019. FFS.
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  9. Sleepy

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    Aye that looks like the hub 4 or 5 looking at the date. They probably just release them on BT now and then rebrand them for PN later on when BT release the next model. The first smart hub was shocking, they quickly released a revision b which sorted the issues through.

    The new smart hub 2 has discs (extenders aye) where they can automatically detect if wireless signal isn’t great around the house and then they send another disc out. WiFi extenders for sure, but they look nice. Haha.

    Haven’t looked into what SMB protocols they support but I bet they’re still Lagging way behind!
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  10. kingmonkey

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    I would like to smack that crap shirted, Yorkshire, plus net arse face in the jaw.
    Their customer service is set up to wind me up.

    To be fair to orange error light their router cast across the room was quite pretty.
    For the entire month I was a plus net customer.
  11. I was with PlusNet for a few year, now with BT. Wouldn't ever contemplate going back, usually get what you pay for.
  12. PTR

    PTR Striker

    You do know BT have one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings, yes?

    What was the cause? I had the same light, and it was a BT fault.
  13. This.

    I've tried loads but you can't beat BT for service as they effectively own the whole infrastructure. Had line issues & they sent out a 4g booster thing to cover the gap while they sorted it out. No call out charges, no fuss, sorted in a couple of days & rock solid speeds. British phone operators and they talk some sense too.
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  14. kingmonkey

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    I never found out.
    It never worked.
    I had a month of being on hold for an hour at a time listening to fucking Robbie Williams, when I did get through they were as much use as Lee Camp.
    Kept getting told they were looking into it and would get back to me
    I assume it was a bt line fault but they did nothing at all so I just cancelled and went with bt who got me connected within days.
  15. PTR

    PTR Striker

    That's pretty shit.
    Must say, they were decent with me when mine died. Obviously I wasn't happy at the time, but there's only so much you can expect I suppose
  16. I find Vodafone top drawer. If for any reason you’re not getting full speed you can put a claim in via the app and your bill gets discounted.

    The WiFi range on the router is superb also.
  17. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    BT don't traffic manage which sets them apart from most. plusnet, sky and the like will drop your speeds at peak times
  18. PTR

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    Do they?
    I thought that had stopped in recent years.

    Anyway, prioritising some traffic isn't a bad thing. Live video/voice/gaming needs it more than downloading torrents!

    Also, All services come on contended lines, so when they're busy, you don't get full speed.
  19. I can only base it on my experience, PlusNet were shit, BT have been very good in comparison.

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