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  1. Down here for a couple of nights, cracking place with some canny boozers in around The Lanes and North Laines.
  2. Cowvahlo

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  3. Did I ever mention that I once saw The Stranglers play in Brighton?:rolleyes:
  4. Jasper

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  5. Giz a kiss and I'll tell you the truth
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  7. Snaggletooth

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    Used to work as a chef at the Old Ship Hotel on the seafront.
  8. We are in Queens Hotel just up from pier. It's okay, lovely weather today. Spring is on its wsy
  9. Cowvahlo

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    Queens...Brighton, fnar fnar

    I’m going to stop now.:oops::lol:
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  10. Dagzd1973

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    Shite beach though. Imagine having a beach with nee sand. :rolleyes:
  11. Arkle

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    Nee clothes either on part of it.
  12. Dagzd1973

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    I always take the bairns so I never get that far! :mad:
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  13. Where is that? Just for research purposes asking for a friend like?
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  14. Arkle

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    It's in Brighton next to the sea.

    TBH, the only time I've been im many years was for a multi-venue music festival a couple of years back. It was mid-November, windy and wet and the beach was the last place you wanted to go to.
  15. Dagzd1973

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    Some huge seagulls on that pier anarl. Like fkn Osterich's some of them. Had to surrender my icecream to one of the bastards :mad:
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  16. Colbert

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    Black Rock, a great bunch of lads.
  17. dangermows

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    Aye its tremendous for a couple of nights away erm working.
  18. No. When was that?
  19. Paddy O'Dors

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    Great for a piss up. A bit dull other than that.
  20. 1980 I think.
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