Ever since I watched that documentary about Brewdog I got the impression that they were run by egotistical bullies who treat their staff like shit.
Interesting that it now seems to be entering into the public domain. PR only gets you so far.

Mate of mine used to work there as a Procurement Manager.
The bullying happened for sure. Decent product awful company to work for.
The amount of stories I've read about their bars being toxic workplaces is incredible. There's clearly a big problem with how their bars are managed across the UK and US.

No doubt James Watt will spin this into some cringeworthy LinkedIn PR update in the next week or so. The David Brent of social media.
Never been particularly keen on their beers. It all seems a bit style over substance to me.

For the most part they’re incredibly mediocre. But that’s the formula for big brewing (and Brewdog are now a major player). Lowest common denominator beers which appeal to as many people as possible in that category, at scale for a decent price.


They will release a “Bully Pale Lager” next week, lots of idiots will buy it and this will be forgotten unfortunately.

Bob Fleming

The letter doesn’t really explain anything tbh
It doesn't no. Hopefully they will come out with some examples now. They mention safety issues so if H&S is something that's been an issue they should report it to HSE too.

I saw Anarchy brewery had to come out with an apology for a homophobic comment made by one of their people in an online tasting session. I can imagine there's a bit of a blokey culture in some of these craft brewers run by beardy tubbers.
Reducing the ABV of Elvis Juice was the last straw
I did like that but tended to avoid it due to getting too quickly mullered on it so I imagine it's due to that type of feedback.
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Never been particularly keen on their beers. It all seems a bit style over substance to me.

this. far too much effort spent on being zany average beer, i hae no idea how they got the reputation they have.

but then i guess look at mcdonalds, they're one of the most popular if not the most popular food chains in the world and their burgers are absoulte dogshit