Break up of a relationship/marriage

Don't understand this at all to be honest. It's the only benefit of getting chucked.
There's an argument that men can only engage one of their two main organs at any given time.....its either the penis or the brain. I engaged the penis prior to the break up then spent six months analysing it all with the brain. I was single for ten years after so more than compensated. For me personally I had to learn the lessons before I could move on.

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I had lasses throwing themselves at me while i was with my ex but did nothing about it even though our relationship was disintegrating. As soon as i was single not one female had the slightest bit interest in me and still don't two and a half years on, lasses are so much more interested when you're unavailable.

It's only hard with kids if you aren't both putting your all into raising them. Sometimes you have to back down if the ex is adamant about something but if you communicate (only about the children because that's all you have to talk about really) then it can work quite easily. Me and my ex get on better now than we have for years and that's simply because our child comes first 100% of the time.


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This sounds horrible but it's nice seeing that it's happened to other people :lol:. For a long time I hated myself for not realising and letting it happen but I've learned to accept that it wasn't my fault. I'd like to think it doesn't bother me now, but I still get a sicky feeling when I see a car that might be hers.
😂😂Brothers in arms and all that shit eh?
Thing is, when you tell people about it it sounds petty as fuck, I couldn’t work out how to express the utter shitness she caused which is why I went to see a therapist specialising in these disorders. Was yours a pure narcissist? Mine was a covert one, dangerous as fuck, the ultimate stealth weapon, butter wouldn’t melt but behind closed doors the slyness and deceit was unreal
whos this nonce? ;)


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having gone through a situation similar when kids were involved. It was hard to make the decision. The only person I was fooling was myself.
Took the other half to call time on it all.
three years on and I’m pleased we did. Not been without awfulness but atleast I can see a life in front of me, with the kids and with me being finally able to be happy.
Wish you all the best. The road to happiness is sadly the least easiest path.
when we split up she claimed I did nowt for her. Sad fact is I didn’t care enough to do our for her. We’d just come to the end of the road. Takes a brave person to stand up and say enough. Wasn’t me. So credit to her.
Now happy with my new lass.
You will be fine. Life has a way of turning out good.