Break up of a relationship/marriage

I know it's a well worn cliche but time really is the healer. As long as you know its the right things it will get better as the days, weeks and months go back. Better to be a few months miserable than make the mistake of getting back together to make things easier in the short term. I should have bailed from my first marriage before I eventually did. Just ended up wasting a few months of my life really for no gain whatsoever
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All the best mate. Never easy but keep your head up, gets better eventually. Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to vent at any point.

Ron Seal

Stay busy mate. I found it easier to focus on all the reasons that made it the right decision. Don’t doubt yourself and you’ll find it easier to focus on other stuff. There’s a big world out there.


Like other's have said....time is the best, albeit the shittest thing......
Having been on both ends it's pretty grim......keep your friends around you..

on a side note, I went down the gym alot......great for thinking and stress busting.

chin up pal...