Boy George & Culture Club

Remember seeing them doing the newley released " Time" on the tube on a Friday just before heading out on the drink thinking thats mint that.


I remember listening in the car to him presenting a show on Rad 1 on Sunday afternoon. U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” finished and he quipped in a mega camp style “ You wanna take a look behind that drum kit mate”.
Are they back together? :eek:

Wasn't he at loggerheads for years with the drummer he was having a bit carry on with?
The quote IIRC
“That's the strange thing about love. One minute you can have your tongue up someone's arse, and the next you can't even communicate.”
Not that i'm willy wooftah or owt like that but i dare say George might have got it back in the day.
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