Bournemouth sitting 5th in the prem despite not spending millions


They have beat West ham, Cardiff and Leicester. Drew with Everton and beaten off Chelsea. You can see why people are not throbbing them off just yet.


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They'll be bottom 5 in 6 months time.
Unlikely IMO. People like you can't see past the name and because they've been a historically small club you assume without evidence they'll find their level.

I said the same in a thread pre season when a lot of people had them as a relegated side, they're probably a top ten side.

Most people who have them to struggle are doing it from little knowledge and a lot of bias. It's the same people who think we will piss our league purely because we're historically a superior club to our League One rivals but the reality is we were shopping for our new players in similar markets to our competitors and have no right to expect to blow them away.


They have a great manager who wants to play beautiful football.

He’s got them promoted from league 2 all the way through to the PL and kept them there.

Yeah he’s had a bit of money but that doesn’t mean everything.

Don’t understand why he doesn’t get a lot more praise.
It means everything to the shop shouters

Look at Burnley and Bournemouth, all about consistently. Which is why patience is essential at Sunderland this season.
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roker beach

Rich Russian owner and other investors on the board.

The manager has done a great job but with those crowds he couldn’t have done it without the financial backing. I like the way they play though, they have a great habit of getting to the bye-line around the edge of the box, a dangerous area to defend from.
I love these threads. The OP praises another clubs, manager, chairman, player, team. Most people will agree but then the usual jealous bitter posters get in a huff.:lol:

It's like when you tell your lass that some girl is attractive.:lol: