Boris Johnson faces inquiry over racist comments

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Ben Gardner, Aug 9, 2018.

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    No, I fully get what you're saying, your world view is very different from mine though, a word, phrase or whatever is insulting whoever says it, or it is not, by definition, insulting - I don't let the American nonsense of 'that's our word, you can't use it' rhetoric stop me from saying what I want.
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    I don't think you've ever posted a more apt set of words.
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    Probably because you're not looking and prefer using your imagination.
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    Words do take on different meanings in different contexts though.
  5. Loads have, in designated tourist spots or out the way places, as I said, down the general high street of the towns or cities. The places i get, you hardly see tourists or foreigners.

    Lived in the Middle East also, can wear your bikini, hell nothing at all in your compound, exit your compound or resort, you’ll see they won’t be as tolerant as the uk.

    Point is, the uk is in general a tolerant and accepting place compared with a lot of places, which is great. The places that the burka generally are common place, are not so accepting of out western garments. Personally I don’t care one way or another if they ban it or not, just seems double standards around this planet.
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    True, but the race or religion of a column writer shouldn't be a factor on whether the writer has offended anyone or not, it shouldn't but plainly it does.
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    Nicely takes attentions away from Brexit for a few weeks so I'm all for it
  8. It’s total double standards in places like saudi and Dubai. In one street it’s acceptable to take money from westerners and the next street it’s illegal for the locals.

    But I like the fact that we don’t stoop to their levels. That’s why we’re a better society. The irony of fundamentalist Christian Americans who say they won’t stand for Sharia law by enforcing religious laws of their own would be funny if any of them weren’t so bonkers.

    48% the year after. Interesting that we seem to be getting more tolerant to it, if you take those figures. Didn’t expect that.
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    What's being done then?
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    Who mentioned bra's
  11. Bikini tops look very similar to bras. I’ve never seen anyone walk down my local high street with a bikini top on before.
  12. I'm going to walk into my bank tomorrow in a kaftan and closed crash helmet, see what happens........
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  13. There's probably a discussion to be had re Burka (sp) in places where security is important maybe. My issue, and its one that i haven't seen much, is that this buffoon is one of our top diplomats, whether you like it or not. How can a bloke of his stature and in his position show such bad taste and bad judgement?
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    British Muslims are doing the same as white Brits at the back end of the last century, standing up against conservative values and championing equal rights for LGBT and women.

    One of the most successful gay rights campaigners is a gay Muslim who successfully campaigned to get a number of rights through Parliament this century despite resistance from our current PM, leading Tories and the Church.

    There are more Muslims engaging on politics, mostly Labour, and their values are gradually becoming more liberal. For instance, about half of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, that's around the same as British attitudes in the 1990s. However about 25% of younger, second generation Muslims think it should be illegal which is the same as total British just 5 years ago.

    There is a record number of Muslim MPs, more than half are women and the poll published in May shows greater acceptance of inter-racial marriage. There is a definitive move toward British values even if it's not as fast as we'd like to see.

    Problems will continue to exist in impoverished areas where opportunities and access to a good education is hard to come by but that's a similar story for anyone in that position.
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