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Very little reason to stay on site now, no 60 day free fast passes and reduced early park access. Will be staying on site probably for the last time in May. Fast pass has been replaced with genie plus which is $15 per day per person and doesn't include all the rides. If you wanted to get a fast pass for something like Flight of Passage you need to pay up to an additional $15 per person.
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All new to me this, never been as a kid ot an adult so a fair bit to consider.
Aye there's loads to take in mate.
Even more confusing now since Disney changed from Fastpass to Genie.
First time we went with kids we done the same as what you talking about know and only done Disney. We found it worked perfect for us. Because we didn't have Universal it didn't feel like we had to cram everything in and could take stuff at a steady pace and take it all in, my kids are fairly relaxed and didn't want to have to b getting up at 6am every morning and being out late.
A lot of the days we would just be at the hotel pool in the morning then go to a park later and stay till closing for fireworks. Other days we would be out at a park early, stay till about 3, uber back to a restaurant then back to hotel. Kids then play in pool till late and we could have a drink at pool bar.
Disney tickets also have 2 waterparks which aren't too busy of you go mid-week.

I did loads of planning before because I wanted to make the most of it. Thedibb we site has a class forum with loads of good advice, you can lose hours on it though theres that much info.
Second time we’ve been. £1000 each for 3 weeks that includes all the disney parks, universal, sea world etc. Oh it also includes swimming with dolphins which is about £1000 by itself
Sounds great have a good one, 3 or 4 years since we’ve done it. We all loved it.


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Looking at potentially doing this in the summer. Covid permitting of course.

I know they have your eyes out but what is the best value way of doing this?

Would have to be summer holidays.

Is the one in Paris any good or is it worth going the whole hog and going Florida?
Been to the one in France , full of French people ,not nice tbh