Blokes getting driven around in cars by women

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Crook Mackem, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Crook Mackem

    Crook Mackem Striker


    If a couples out and about for the day, the bloke automatically drives imo.

    The reverse scenario is weird unless alcohol has been consumed
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  2. You can take the man out of Crook.......
  3. Saudi Arabia had the right idea.
  4. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Our lass (no) drives, I don’t.

    Would be difficult if she wanted me to drive her somewhere.
  5. Buchans Boots

    Buchans Boots Midfield

    Equality works both ways. However I wouldn’t let our lass drive me because she is a shit driver.
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  6. I agree ,only blokes I know who willing do this when sober have struggled to get their wife pregnant due to fertility problems /punching above their weight socially and sexually.

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  7. The only time the wife drives me is if she's dropping me at the pub or picking me up.
  8. mini-x2

    mini-x2 Striker

    Why partake in one of life’s dullest pastimes when you can hoodwink your wife into doing it while you sit back and enjoy the ride, stress free?
  9. super noodles

    super noodles Winger

    Such fragile masculinity
  10. MackemBob

    MackemBob Winger

    Bloody hell. You’ll discover fire next.
  11. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    you cant finger blast her when you`ve both hands on the wheel matey

    they`re still on hoss and cart round there man the trainee woolybacks
  12. jackpunch

    jackpunch Central Defender

    Wife (no) drives like she's in a F1 race. It's fucking terrifying.
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  13. Some things only a man can do mate ,like light fires,cut the privets,unblock drains etc .

    Driving is one of them ,blokes who let their lasses drive them about have surrendered their cock .
  14. Kevj

    Kevj Striker

    If the family goes anywhere, generally it’s in my car and I drive.

    If we go out in the wife’s car, she drives.

    If we are going anywhere the kids will get manky, we use the wife’s car.
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  15. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    What ?! :lol:
  16. mini-x2

    mini-x2 Striker


    I’m happy with the size of my dong mate so I can leave all the stereotypical 1970s pretend macho stuff to others. Driving’s shit aswell, I fucking hate it.
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  17. Kevj

    Kevj Striker

    Once did a one hander all the way up Honister Pass whilst left handing a lass.
  18. rubberface

    rubberface Striker

    I don't drive. Wife does though.
  19. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    fucking is lately. the amount of knobheads these days that need to be away to the corner shop at 2000000 mph is unbelievable. Bastard hate driving now. Try it in a council van, folks don`t see a logo these days they see insured up to the naffs and a massive claim
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  20. mini-x2

    mini-x2 Striker

    People seem in such a rush to get places don’t they? Usually Audi wankers like, the vehicle of choice for all softcocks.

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