Bloke caught speeding , wanted a kebab

Discussion in 'SMB' started by sima-hebburn, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. sima-hebburn

    sima-hebburn Winger

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  2. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Hope they Take Away his licence
  3. Marty Moose

    Marty Moose Striker

    Driving like that, i hope he's on the organ donner list when the inevitable happens
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  4. Scotty

    Scotty Winger

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  5. I doner believe it.
  6. Wonder if he was a fat greasy slob
  7. girojim

    girojim Striker

    01:45 man, there'll have been nowt else on the road. Filth got nowt better to do?
  8. Manuel

    Manuel Winger

    He might have been Korma if he'd gone for an Indian.
  9. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    Should have naan he's get into bother.
  10. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    Don’t be a moron

    (Says me who could get his words right on the last thread, but what a stupid thing to say Jim)
  11. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    What if he crashed?
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  12. LondonMackem

    LondonMackem Winger

    And killed himself?
  13. girojim

    girojim Striker

    Probably wouldn't have got his kebab
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  14. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    Just wondering what emergency services would have to go out to deal with the pillock.

    Then tell his family. Class attitude
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  15. Bishop Boy

    Bishop Boy Striker

  16. nelford_safc

    nelford_safc Striker

    Love a kebab with garlic sauce mind.
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  17. Hull_Mackem

    Hull_Mackem Winger

    Good fishing. Don't think you will catch many though, quite clearly a comment no sane person would make.
  18. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    All that money needlessly spent cleaning up the mess too.
  19. He obviously taking the piss out of the Copper. And no licence ? Easy to make jokes, (i can't think of one just now, so not that easy) but this bloke is going to kill one or more innocent people at some stage. Jail the twat for a long time. Not read the whole article,

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