Blackpool Away

jack torrence

Central Defender
Me and a few lads are gonna book hotels soon for the friday and saturday night, regardless if we all get tickets or not, how many tickets will we get and is everyone making a weekend of it. I personally love Blackpool for the shit hole, anything goes attitude, cant bloody wait.

Richie K

I am doing the Liverpool half marathon on the Sunday so am hoping to go to this on the Saturday. Hopefully they give us shit loads of tickets like last year.


Nah their fans have started going again since Oyston has left.
7,500 against Shrewsbury and 9,500 against Accrington in last 2 home games - 16,600 capacity

they'll sell more against us but we'll get 4/5000 surely


Be great if we get the 2 stands again.
Some outstandingly drunk Sunderland fans around Blackpool last year.
Hope they've cleaned the seagull shit up from the stands.


Central Defender
I think we will get the temporary East Stand. That should be around 4,500 - 5,000 with both sections that split down the middle by segregation that was used in the Prem.


Just booked train for only £33 using Transplit, going via Carlisle and Preston - got an awld twat's railcard.

Fookin bargain 👍