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I’m on the hunt for a Nintendo Switch for the bairn.

Tesco had them for £229, but it was in store only and the Durham store sold out by 7.25am on the 1st day. They’ve not received anymore ready for tomorrow either
Try Aldi online from midnight it's rumoured they are selling them.

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Dunno if this is allowed so mods can delete if needed but...

Christmas eve boxes for bairns on sale here from someone I know. Great quality stuff and a good price (but I would say that wouldn't I).

Not on your Nelly -

Ok - Nelly is allowed!
Gentleman Jack for £19.99 on a lightning deal with an hour to go - be quick!

Sanctuary Spa bag of pampering products for £18.50. That's a good price. I love their products.



If anyone is looking for some skincare gift sets etc for an Xmas present then the wife can help.

She promotes a company called Temple Spa that is used at Seaham Hall.

She also has a few numbers left for a raffle (£3 a ticket) for the chance to win a £240 beauty advent calendar.

PS: All orders will be hand delivered by me or the Mrs before Xmas.
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Only thing I’m tempted by this year is some air pod pros. They are ems own from 249 to 199, but still too pricey for me liking when they are $169 on the america amazon site.


Looking for a hive thermostat deal and Philips hue E27 colour changing lamps, if anyone spots them cheap.

Not sure on the thermostat but they have the radiator valves down to 39.99. That’s cheaper than they’ve been on eBay. Soon mounts up when you need a few though
Kindle versions only £1.99 and paperbacks a bargain £7.99 (Ideal Christmas presents).
Two of them even contain a totally fictitious football message board. ;)

It's been a strange old year sales wise. Start of the first lockdown saw a spike, then they died off all together until the middle of summer and had another spike then died again. Currently making more from Kindle Unlimited readers which is a pattern that's just evolved this year.
recommend all of these btw, nice easy reading, a few LOLs, the odd local reference I got despite not being from Sunderland and a few characters where you may recognise some of the traits


don't forget to use camelcamelcamel to check if it really is a good price and whether it is worth waiting

I’ve set up notifications on it for the stuff I’m interested in. If it’s doesn’t hit a decent price I’ll not bother
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