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Meet The Branches: Finding out about the intriguing Danish ...
Meet The Branches: Finding out about the intriguing Danish & Irish Sunderland supporters branch!...
· We caught up with MLF James Ó Raifeartaigh to find out all about one of Sunderland’s latest fan groups: The Danish and Irish Sunderland supporters branch. By …
Guinness and a pastry anyone? :) Good luck with this.

Although I've got to question "JO’R: It’s an excellent time to be a Sunderland fan". It's literally the worst time ever to be a Sunderland fan :confused:


Hi lads,

Long term follower of this forum, first time poster. After liasing with the club SLO over the last few weeks, I'm delighted to be setting up the supporters branch in Dublin for fans over here. For any Irish fans on here, it would be great if you would like to get involved. We are on twitter under the above name and I intend on getting on facebook too! I really would love to get this up and running and the response has been great so far. Hopefully we will get our first branch game this season. Spread the word!

Any questions, you can PM me!
.. And good luck with it mate .. And about six months too late with the comment I deleted ;) ..
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