I reckon its gonna drop more yet like I pulled out
Bought more but thinking of waiting before buying rest back
Hope not, but if it goes thru $40k it wouldn't surprise me if it went all the way down towards $30k, then it will be time to raid the piggy bank for sure!


First time buyer and have a grand. Buy polka dot or what?
As someone said, it can be a bit like throwing a dart. Check out Autocrypto & dogecola. Autocrypto (AU) has been stable and increasing all through the bitcoin downward trend, its bringing a bot style platform that invests your money for you based on algorithms/date science type stuff. Its early still and the beta of the app is going to be launching soon. The initial 'bot' was given $1000 to spend at the beginning of December and managed to make a large increase, this was a hypothetical $1000 but showed you all the calls it was making, so you could follow along (and invest in the calls it was making).

Dogecola is a a little bit of a punt at present in that they have two coins (dogecola & dodgebull) but are releasing physical drinks, with dogecola going to be the first, selling on amazon (so they say). Its been a while in the making but dogecola is according to them going to be released in the next few weeks. You can pick up dogecola for next to nowt and if it does really start selling on amazon, I reckon it will blow up.

Don't ever put money into anything you are not willing to lose, expect ups and downs on coins, try to find coins that have utility and you think people will be interested in or really you are throwing darts.