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  1. No7

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    It's risen £1000 in an hour :eek:
  2. My buddy bought one for £50 and sold it for £250 not long after. He hasn’t seen the current growth of it. I darent tell him to check
  3. No7

    No7 Midfield

    There's some right horror stories around like!
  4. Last time he bothered to check was when it got to around £5k and he was visibly upset then. Although I feel a bit left out I’m grateful I’m too thick to try and get my head around buying/investing in stuff like this cause I’d be one of the horror stories ha!
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  5. No7

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    Hindsight is an absolute knacker like. There are plenty of people around who had bundles of the stuff and sold it not knowing what was going to happen
  6. With all of these coins etc is there a wallet where you can store them all? Or do you need individual wallets for each type of coin/share?
  7. Pacific

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    looking this morning hoping there was a pullback at $15k. it's now almost $17k :lol:
  8. Coeus

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    Now that it's too expensive to buy, how do you buy medicinal stuff for mates on the other web?
  9. CraigyLee

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  10. Just been looking at this. £200+ per share. Some blokes on reddit claiming it’s going to be bigger than Bitcoin in the next few years :lol:
  11. ravydavygravy

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    Surely they cost less bitcoin now?

    Can't imagine people paying 10 grand for a cowie like.
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  12. CraigyLee

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    Go on literally any alt subreddit and it’s going to be bigger than bitcoin
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  13. safcsafc

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    Will she not let you wait it out a couple of days. The way its rising is crazy. Over 12.5K now. Then again having 25k in my account in the next few hours for 2 coins would be too tempting for me :)
  14. Joke this like
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  15. safcsafc

    safcsafc Midfield

    15 mins later and now over 13k!!!
  16. I predict the bubble will burst within 24 hours.

    I know feck all though tbh
  17. $16,500 ish. Mental
  18. @No7 you can sell fractions of them can you not... just sell 20% of one every 4 hours... that way you are spreading gains
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  19. MackemBob

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  20. The dump is upon us

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