So it turned out to be an illiquid, intangible, unpriceable piece of shit.

$700bn has been wiped off the market value since Jan.

Biggest money laundering scam ever. I notice the social media specialist investors in crypto have disappeared
What do you suggest instead? I think everyone understandably lost interest when it all started to rapidly decline in value.


brutal lately like

lost a canny bit as it stands over the last few months. been accumulating as didn't expect the market to die on it's arse

mate of mine is almost 15 grand down over the last year
Wonder how many on here will admit to taking losses?
I know someone who lost at least a few hundred quid, that’s all he’s admitted to anyway.

He went on like a complete tit thinking he was a big shot investor it was embarrassing.

Kept talking about how he was going to be a millionaire in a years time and that.


The end is nigh, glad I got out in the summer with a profit :p
I’m in it until the end.

Mainly because they won’t let me sell in Canada :rolleyes:

It took 7 years for bitcoin to take off.

The market is flooded with crypto having shite tech. Once all the crap gets shoved to one side the best will stay around and hopefully moon it :cool:
That’s my hope. Eventually most will pop and the remaining few will boom