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  1. I love ginger mind.

    I once went to Wagamama and had ginger chicken udon, then ginger cheesecake for dessert :oops:
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  2. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Often eat a full packet of Viscounts in one go. There's only 8 in a packet mind.
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  3. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

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  4. Big Dave 53

    Big Dave 53 Winger

    Lightweights on here man - a whole chocolate cheesecake covered in peanut m&ms for me! Not every day mind ;):D

    I know it's not biscuits - double pack of custard creams are my favourite in one hit.
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  5. Used to love Viscount Orange flavour, wish they still were still around.
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  6. I like double deckers

    I’ve never eaten a full packet of biscuits in one go
  7. I have. Digestives plus glasses of milk. Guaranteed to wake me up in the middle of the night with acid reflux. Alcohol is far better and less painful.
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  8. :lol: I’m on a tablet for acid.
  9. I have often wondered whether craving sugary food itself is a symptom of diabetes, or at least temporarily low blood sugar levels.

    Usually at 5-6pm I am tempted to stuff my pyatt with sweets and chocolates.
  10. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    Only had them when a birthday fell on a Sunday when I was a boy. It was like the perfect storm of birthdate and Sunday. Class.
  11. You can still lose weight if that is below the body’s calorific maintenance level.

    It’s like eating 1350 calories of carrots.
  12. That is sooo ambiguous.
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  13. :lol::lol::lol:
  14. It's linked with insomnia. I forget the names of the hormones but one controls how hungry you feel and one controls how full you feel. They go a bit mad if you're not sleeping well and tell your brain that you are starving hungry and but you never feel full. You crave sugary food as it's a quick fix as your body thinks it is starving.

    The diabetes symptoms were bad headaches, being thirsty all the time and drinking a lot, then peeing a lot including waking up a couple of times in the night to go.
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  15. Thank you
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  16. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Central Defender

    Err that sounds awful
  17. It's great when you're doing it but you regret it when you wake up later in the middle of the night. Story of my life really.
  18. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    Good for the male circulation if you get my drift ;)
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  19. Never risk it for a biscuit!
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