Big ship on the river

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Raven, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I wish the big bastard would stop blasting its horn every time they move it!
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    Slightly OT but 2 really unusual looking planes flew north near mine about half hour ago. They looked like a plane but had propellers like a helicopter. We regularly get chinooks but these really stood out. Any ideas?
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    Probably an osprey
  4. sure the turbines are on the continental shelf, maybe only 30-40m deep

    ESH are putting in concrete slab lay-down areas on Endurance Quay and Greenwells Quay for the port. At present there is not much room to store materials taken off ships
    There is also an extension to the existing rail tracks for future use
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    Just Googled that and it is thanks, never seen them before
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    is that just over the swing bridge, then turn left? i worked on there a few years ago, just for a day or two, when we were filling in a old dry dock (or digging a bit of it out i can't remember) and laying foundations for a railway.

    is it likely to become more used down there, with the new road links being built to the A19 and that? didn't we steal the boss of Port of Tyne a few years ago? be great to see loads of industry down there again
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    Sea depth is 25m to 30m typical for OWFs.
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    I'm I right in thinking that the concrete on Endurance Quay is for the storage of steel slabs imported from the Ukraine? Do you know what the area at Greenwells Quay is going to be used for?
  9. Correct
    Greenwells is general use, they currently offload bales of paper from Holland there every week

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  11. That's impossible. All foreign trade will end when we leave the EU and South Dock will be filled in and grassed over.
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    Closing the flood gates?

  13. Eeeeee you can see me gaff on there

    Guess that cellus and it’s doppeganger?
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  14. Google translate says WTF
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  15. That's a very big vessel. I always wondered about that old saying "loose lips sink ships" is that ? :neutral:.
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    It stems from the olden days when captains would put a hole no larger than a coin, or a guinea as it would have been back then, in the hull of the boat every time a member of their crew acted out of line. The concept being the crew members would be obedient as if they weren't the captain added another hole. Ergo loose lips sink ships.
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    I thought it was from olden days when they used cherry lips to plug holes in ships? And the captain would say remember lads loose lips sink ships.
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  18. FIVE

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    Its for wind turbines
  19. I've seen bigger canoes...
  20. From wartime - as a reminder to be careful of disclosing things to strangers. The risk of spy's or enemy sympathisers knowing any shipping movements was a big danger.

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