Big Bear Beds

Mattress sales must be bouncing. Big Bear Beds now have two vans parked along Durham Road with brand new bears plonked on the top. The influence of the SMB. Zzzzzzz.......
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Westoe SAFC

Has anyone noticed there are a load of vans advertising this company dumped around Sunderland with a big scruffy bear on the top?

Seems like you can’t turn a corner without seeing one sometimes, there are two on Durham road alone.

They look a right f***ing mess.
Sounds like a good representation of Sunderland.


I reckon the lads have cracked it. When I'm looking for a purveyor of high quality beds and accessories I'm always drawn to subliminal message of quality given off by a git wass mouldy discoloured bear on the top of an owld van.

Cheese n Ipa

Full Back
Sometimes park down near Matalan pallion before you go down the bank. Used to be Pizza Uno trailer there advertising their crappy frozen chicken pieces pizzas....try saying that drunk.