Betfred: Blackjack player wins £1.7m jackpot after High Court battle

Maybe things have changed in last 10yrs. Last thing I knew was that it was difficult to cancel one online account, let alone ban yourself from all online bookies. That’s good to hear tbh.

That bbc doc with Lloyd Griffith and the tennis court siding was a great eye opener to that. Somebody winning too much
Was he cheating? I'll see if I can find it to watch.

It's probably a cliché but going into a betting shop once or twice a year for the Grand National and the Derby did more to put me off gambling than anything else. There was always at least one person there who I'd seen the year before, looking at the Sporting Life pinned up on the wall, looking like life had broken him. Bookies have been doing that to people for so long, knowingly as well, to make more money than they ever need to.

Then you get something like this, when finally someone beats the bookies, and they stonewall refuse to pay, not giving a shiny shite of the damage they're doing to the winner while it went through the courts.

Someone at Berfred ought to be jailed for attempted fraud. That would bring the bookies back to reality if they knew working their ticket would see them end up doing time.

Scunny Dan

Fully expecting to read about Betfred tracking down punters who have been robbed blind on online casino games, due to a "software glitch" meaning the games were not paying out when they should have been. Sometime after a flying pig flies over a frozen hell.