Best wildlife footage?


There's loads, a couple of the top of my head are Attenborough with the Meerkats, I think it was trials of life and that one with the elephants protecting it's young.

The bolas spider that releases pheromones to attract moths, then swings a piece of web with a sticky globule to catch them. I think it was on Life in the Undergrowth.
The Penguin jumping on the boat to escape the Orcas.

The one where the Crocodile grabs a Wildebeest from the front, and a pack of Lions grabs it from the back. Then the other Wildebeests rush over and kick the shit out of the Lions.
Brutal but the Komodo dragon one when it bites a buffalo and then waits about for days until it dies. The cameraman was filming the whole time. Wasn't Attenborough like
There's loads of brutal ones on YouTube ,much more real than some of the other ones where they look unreal but are probably staged
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The one where the seals was being hunted by killer whales to the point where they would literally beach themselves to catch one and later when they were toying and playing with the body to help teach their young ones - kept flipping it in the air!!
I can't remember what series it was but David Attenborough was narrating a programme about Great Whites, telling the story of how they hunt seals by lurking on the bottom, seeing the silhouettes against the sky.

They rigged a camera pointing into the depths on a seal shaped board, and towed it along, with DA narrating "What time is it Mr Wolf.....". Out of the murk, this Great White comes up like a missile and hits this board, the footage was unbelievable, both from below water and above.
Me and my wife are in this one; we saw lions hunting a buffalo herd in the riverbed and positioned our vehicle where we thought they'd run up to the road. We were spot on, and ended up with stampeding buffalo in front and behind. We're in the white Lexus.