Best way to get Rugby World cup tickets

Looks like I'm going to be in Japan when the Rugby world cup is on

Only for Argentina England match but would like to see if I can get some tickets

Only really see from viagogo at stupid money

Or stupid corporate all in packages


Hoping to go out on the Thursday night to arrive Friday. Conference is Monday to Wednesday and then fly home Friday.

So 3-4 spare days
If you weren’t with the missus I could definitely point you in the right direction :lol: I’ll try and think of some more suitable places!


There is a bar lined up for it but if I can get them without losing an arm it's something I have to do.

Managed to get to an ashes test in Australia so a Rugby world cup game abroad is another thing ticked off
Maybe try your local rugby club?

Paddy O'Dors

Just try and buy off a tout near the day. Don't think there'll be that may Nips fussed about Argentina v England. What's the capacity of the stadium?