Best TV Show ever

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Andy_Roker1983, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. niceonemarra

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  2. Lonz

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  3. Flip

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    Breaking bad tied with Blackadder I'll also add Brass Eye - weird they all begin with a B, I wonder if it psychological
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  4. Randy Ostrich

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  5. daventry cat

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    Six feet under
    Band of brothers
    Big Little lies...only one season so far so could go wrong
  6. keybuk

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    The Wire
  7. FootballFan

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    Sopranos, with all other shows competing for a distant 2nd place.
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  8. Curlyteeth

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    Its awesome but is season 3 better
  9. cauldbairn

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    Day Today was better than Brass Eye, imo.
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  10. RichD

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  11. Kborom

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    The Wire
    Breaking Bad
  12. Flip

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    I never got the wire watched the first two and thought it was a bit crap - appreciate I'm clearly wrong by the amount of people that rave about it, your other choices prove you are a man of the finest taste 8)
  13. Kborom

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    yes you are wrong, and yet also right :)
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  14. Ashley In!!

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    Saved by the Bell
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  15. Horatio Pugwash

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    i walked into the sitting room the other day and my daughter was just sitting there staring at the tv as if she was in shock. I asked her what was wrong and all she could say was "how can they all be dead?"
    She'd just watched the Red Wedding.

    All I could say was wait until Hardhome and the Battle of the Bastards

  16. HebburnMackem

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation
  17. Flip

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    Haha I had an article in the latest Love Supreme on that very topic !
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  18. Will have to buy a copy and read it mate.

    I loved the first two series with none of the writing or actors showing any hated to SAFC...the subsequent series the writers and actors went into the jordi nashun sterotypes.

    John Hall has a lot to answer for. Still doing his bit for the tory party I see.
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  19. bigmarlon

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  20. niceonemarra

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    can anyone remember Family Affairs? It was on at teatime many years ago, I loved it me like, the wife beater was proper evil and she ended up giving him an iron over the heeed.

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