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  1. Dave Herbal

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    The difference is that, despite OFAH’s brilliance, it was shot using a cast of about 10 in a film studio and cost probably 20p. GoT was shot in numerous outdoor and indoor locations around Europe, has a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, and cost similar amounts to your average Hollywood blockbuster per episode.

    Haway man, much as I love OFAH, It’s like comparing a popular family hatchback with a Lamborghini.
  2. Latka Gravas

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    Every character is superb. Phil and Nige were always my favourites, but after rewatching it lately I love Eddie and Joan :lol:
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  3. hank williams

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    Auf weideshein pet ( 1st two Series )


  4. joemcdokes

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    I've never watched a full episode, if I did the nerdy fuckers at work might speak to me.
  5. ThePistols

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    Not the best ever, but still brilliant, The Shield can be streamed on All4.
  6. Redandwhitedust

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    I gave it a go, watched the first 4 or 5 episodes before deciding it wasnt my thing (which I kind of knew, given it's not a genre I've ever liked).

    Response from almost every Game of Thrones fan I've met "Really you should watch the entire first season"

    Why can these people not accept that not everyone likes GoT? Why would anyone watch an entire season in the hope they suddenly get into it? If after 4 episodes I'm not into it, I'm not into it
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  7. Maravilla

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    The Sopranos then The Shield

    The Wire would have been up there if it wasn't for the ridiculous McNulty storyline in the last series
  8. The Exile

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    Ever is too difficult. Too many genres and generations - stuff that looks crap now but was groundbreaking for its time.
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  9. Lewberry pie

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    GOT has got to be the most overhyped shite I've ever seen, I watched the first 3 series and didn't mind it but just thought it was mostly boring, it has no central thread to follow and when fuck all is happening you can bet that something shocking will happen like someone having their cock chopped off or a pregnant women will have her unborn baby stabbed to death.

    Just utter drivel that relies on shock tactics and panders to the Facebook generation of morons.

    Aside from that it's not too bad ;)
  10. Biffo The Bear

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    Not enough eye candy or nudity either.
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  11. soapster

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    It is very hard to say what is best ever due to technological advances.

    Over the years I have some very funny shows, Mr Ed, Randal and Hopkirk (deceased) to Dave allen, Monty Python, Only fools and Horses, Dads Army and Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

    I have never watched Line of Duty or games of Thrones but am partial to midsummer murders / endeavour.

    I do not like a lot of modern tv as the violence is very graphic which is wonderful to some but to me horrific

    and The Fonz was just cool
  12. Yes. Particularly if the dragons burnt the rest of the cast in the first scene.
  13. silas80

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    Band of Brothers. Watch it every year and it's still amazing.
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  14. Adam Adamant.
  15. Johnap

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    "Let me explain before one of us dies!" I still use that...
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  16. Boys From The Blackstuff
    One Summer
  17. Rainbow
  18. Tuono

    Tuono Goalkeeper

    Big Brother, Detectorists.

    And any programme where some posh archaeologist tart is bending over showing cleavage.
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  19. Chesterladmackem

    Chesterladmackem Midfield

    Dads Army
    The Tube
  20. Billy Fish

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    It took to the bottom of page 5 for this to get a mention

    My faith in humanity is lost

    Some truth in that

    Roots and Boys from the Blackstuff were superb telly in their day. Probably not in with a shout now but brilliant at the time
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