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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Andy_Roker1983, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker

    What do you think it is? We were just talking about Game of Thrones at work and for me it's the best tv show ever made. Quality in all aspects, brilliant story, acting and visuals. Some of the episodes are breathtaking you are literally left with your jaw open at times.
  2. Macho

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    Cheers was canny
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  3. HABA87

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  4. It's got dragons in it, this means its shite......

    Auf Wiedersehen Pet is the correct answer........
  5. houst69

    houst69 Striker

    Only Fools And Horses
  6. Andy_Roker1983

    Andy_Roker1983 Striker

    I’d normally agree with you. I actually hate Lord of the rings and all that shit but Game of Thrones is brilliant. I thought the same before I watched it. If you haven’t yet then give it a go.
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  7. niceonemarra

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    Naked Attraction
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  8. CheersMarra84

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    The Sopranos.
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  9. Boy

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  10. Wred

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    The Simpsons.
  11. jacko100

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    The West Wing

    end of thread
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  12. Boinger

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    Impossible question.

    Probably Loose Women.
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  13. Final episode of Blackadder
  14. jacko100

    jacko100 Striker

    not really, the correct answer is above, twice!
  15. Jgrainger

    Jgrainger Central Defender

    Game of Thrones for me. Battle of the bastards is probably the best episode of TV I have ever seen.
  16. Boinger

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    Pffft!.. It's no Emmerdale.
  17. Boy

    Boy Goalkeeper

    10 minute Free View surely?
  18. jubblies

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    And that :cool:
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  19. jacko100

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    you're right there Ted

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