Best three games you’ve ever played


Canny few votes for The Last of Us :cool:

I’ll have to get The Witcher 3 anarl, cheers to those for feedback on it
Witcher 3 would be in my picks too. I'd never played 1 or 2 and thought it was much better than skyrim which I loved. Took me a little while to get into it and used to the controls but persevere with it it's fantastic.


God of war
Horizon zero dawn
Detroit become human

If it's best 3 games of this gen....

The Witcher 3
Red Dead 2
Elite Dangerous
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Best 3 I've got but haven't played yet.

Horizon zero dawn.

Really got to play theses 3 soon,but borderlands 3 is out in a couple of months.
On PS4

Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Fallout 76

I’ve put the last one is simply as I’ve sunk over 350 hours in and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t finish Last of Us or God of War (yet) so didn’t feel right putting them

In terms of all time favourites, I can’t narrow it down to 3….

Fallout 3
Resident Evil 2


Full Back
Not had a PlayStation since the old PS2 days but on Xbox-

Assassins Creed - Black Flag
GTA San Andreas


Fallout 3
Final Fantasy VII

Realised this says PS4, technically you can play all 3 of them on that console though I don't own one.
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Witcher 3
Last of us
Horizon Zero Dawn
I cant decide but them 3 were my first bunch off the top of my head. I then started to think of Uncharted 2, 3 and 4, God of War, RDR2.

After getting back into gaming with PS4 I think it's became my favourite era for games, especially story stuff on Playstation.

Might seem a silly question, but do you need to play the first two Witcher games before the third?

Reason I ask is, I can’t find the bastards anywhere
I've never played the first two and I didn't feel like I lost anything in terms of back story. There are loads of books around the the game world and side quests which fill out other characters from previous games. I believe the first game was only released on PC and the second on PC and Xbox.

If you do get three it does take about 10 hours to really kick into gear. Then depending on how much side stuff you do you can go over the 100 hour mark.
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