Best supermarket pizza

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Pizzas really should cook on a hot stone/ metal plate in a hot oven. If a pizza needs to be cooked at gas mark 3 I'd question who produced it. ;)
I didn't say gas mark 3, daft arse. Sometimes the suggested cooking times aren't quite right. Something that's quoted as gas mark 7 might cook better at 6 and so on.


These used to be unreal from ASDA, fuck knows why they stopped selling them
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Looks lusharoo that

The tesco stuffed crust £2 ones are really nice. Base is loads better than asda's. Asda's are nice overall though.

Aye, those are pretty poor like.

These are the nice ones. The base cooks/bubbles etc, rather than the usual dead base in supermarket pizzas..*GHS+-+Grocery+-+New*PX+|+Shopping+GSC+|+All+Products+++Tesco+Brand*PRODUCT+GROUP291744331*&gclid=CjwKEAjw9MrIBRCr2LPek5-h8U0SJAD3jfhttcljiRgQBZwRhvLBY_9pKEQAxWRUz4QPeO5qVQmf6BoCC_fw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
Looks nice anarl
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