Best Supermarket Cafe Breakfast

My local Sainsburys has a proper kitchen in the cafe and the breakfasts are edible. Another one nearby just seem to heat stuff up in a microwave and their breakfast were rank.

As more general shops have been mentioned, Ikea do a cracking breakfast for the price.
Asda Peterlee do a good breakfast, though the last time that I had one I think they were using a different type of sausage which weren’t a patch on the original. Toast is good too and their sausage buns used to be tasty. Don’t know what they are like with the new sausages.


Had one at Fenwick's Terrace cafe on Sunday. Canny. 7.5 out of 10. Better than yer average supermarket gear.


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Had a breakfast at tesco at lakeside once. It was decent to be honest. Warm and just how it make it.
Had one in Morrison's years ago and wasn't good but it might of changed

Can't beat a little cafe though if you can get to one rather than a supermarket
Victoria Sponge man.
Prefer a Gingerbread one.
About Seaburn brining them in from “outside”. They make from an egg which is picked off the shelves in the morning.
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I know, I know. The galloping gourmets of the SMB will turn their collective nose up at this, but most of us have probably had a breakfast in one at some point.

What’s your preferred option?

I have to say, Sainsbury’s for me is the worst of a poor bunch: surly staff; poorly cooked food and a slightly sterile atmosphere.

Tesco is probably first amongst equals for me.
My local Tesco turned their cafe into a coffee house and you cannit get owt other than pastry breakfasts. Fucking dire.
Clearly I'm a snob for saying this, but I had no idea people actually ate at the supermarket cafes. Whenever I've passed one it's always been empty.

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Surely there’ll be some tramp sick on the way, with a similar nutritional value, you can eat instead and save a couple of quid